come in handy   派上用場

handy是「方便」的意思。come in handy 可以用來形容物品,也可以用來形容

。例如 : Paul only comes in handy whenever we have computer problems.

A: Why are you bringing an umbrella?  

B: It might come in handy if we run into showrers later.

A: Here, put this extra water bottle in your pack.  

B: Good idea.  It might come in handy if we get thirsty.


...have never been much with...  一直都不擅長......

如果要表達肯定句的「一直都很擅長」,你可以說...have always been good with...。這句後面接名詞時,介係詞是with;如果要接V-ing,介係詞則是at

A: I've never been much with numbers.  Can you figure this out?

B: I'll try.  Let me take a look.

A: Can Marcia ski?

B: Of course, she's always been very good at skiing.

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